Lackieren | Nailtime |


Remove Reading Paint 2 minutes

Step 1:

Apply DUPLEX UV-BASE COAT quickly in even brush strokes from the center of the nail bed to the nail syringe. The nail polish brush, made of particularly fine nylon fibers, is slightly flattened, oval towards the tip and thus facilitates precise application, even at the nail edges.

Step 2:

After application, harden the base coat immediately for 60 seconds in the POWER LED LIGHT. For units with a low wattage, adjust the curing time accordingly. Make sure that all nails are evenly irradiated by the UV light.

Step 3:

Quickly apply a very thin coat of DUPLEX UV NAIL POLISH in even brush strokes.

Step 4:

Coat nail syringes. If nail polish gets on skin, remove color from skin with manicure sticks BEFORE curing.

Step 5:

Then immediately cure in POWER LED LIGHT for 60 sec. Apply a second coat of DUPLEX UV NAIL POLISH and cure again for 60 sec.

Step 6:

Quickly apply DUPLEX UV TOP COAT as a sealer in even brush strokes.

Step 7:

Coat nail tips.

Step 8:

Then immediately cure for 2 x 60 sec. in POWER LED LIGHT. After this, the surface may still feel soft, as the light reaction of the UV nail polish is only complete after approx. 5 min.

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