POWER UV LED LIGHT 1 St. | Nailtime
POWER UV LED LIGHT 1 St. | Nailtime


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Professionelles UV/LED Gerät mit 18 LED’s und Platz für eine ganze Hand. Zur schnellen, gleichmäßigen Aushärtung von Shellac und UV Gel an allen 5 Fingern

DUPLEX POWER LED LIGHT is a professional
UV/LED device with 18 LED's and with a spacious inner surface closed to the back, which offers space for a whole hand.
The combined wavelength and an optimized
angle of the LEDs guarantee uniform curing on all five nails.
curing on all five nails simultaneously.
The device then starts, after insertion of the hand,
automatically starts its irradiation process by means of a light barrier.
The time can be monitored on the display.
If the hand is removed from the device prematurely,
the light goes out automatically and the process
must be restarted.
Technical data:
Max. Power: 36 Watt
Wavelength: 365/410nm
Voltage: AC 100 - 240 V 50/60
LED: 18
Dimensions: 225.5mm x 156.5mm x 79.5mm