After curing, the light reaction continues for approx. 5 minutes until the process is completely finished. During this time, the surface may still feel somewhat soft. Therefore, do not apply any care products directly after curing.
2. The individual varnish layers were not sufficiently cured under UV light.
3. The nails were not correctly positioned under the UV light.
4. The varnish layers were applied too thickly.

1. nail polish color was applied too thickly.
2. nail tip was not coated.
3. UV device has too little energy (at least 30 watts power) or the curing time was too short.
4. nail surface was not cleaned properly before polishing.
5. natural nails very soft or too heavily loaded (in this case a base of UV gel is recommended to strengthen the nail plate).
6. DUPLEX UV Base Coat was forgotten to be applied.

If the nail line becomes visible or the polish is no longer perfect, it is not necessary to renew the entire color: simply remove the shine from the nail surface with DUPLEX GENTLE BUFF and refresh the color.

No, the more layers and the darker the color varnish- the longer the removal time.

Use sufficient remover and remove cotton wool/remover pad from each finger individually with light pressure.

The foil accelerates the removal process.


1. if frequent color changes are desired.
2. if fast stripping is preferred.
3. if natural ingredients are desired.
4. if natural nail health is an issue.
5. if allergic reactions to UV nail polishes exist (HEMA, etc.).
6. for teens, as the non-toxic formula and fast, uncomplicated stripping process is harmless.
7. if a very thin, natural polish is preferred.

1. the nail polish must be guaranteed to last longer than 10 days (however, shelf life can be increased by using DUPLEX SKIN UV THERAPY FLUID).
2. a lot of work is done with solvents/cleaning agents (alternatively: wear gloves).