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3 Must-have Klassiker in einem Set vereint. Duplex UV Nagellacke mit pflanzenbasierten Rohstoffen, sind vegan, festigend und trotzdem schonend zu deinen Nägeln

Let yourself be seduced by the gorgeous make-up colors from DUPLEX. The NUDE colors SUNSHINE - a light pink-pink, SWEETHEART - a slightly transparent pastel pink and TOUCH OF POWDER - a subtle nude-pink are the trendy nail look and inspire with their NATURE look; the colors also work on short and long nails.

The painting with DUPLEX UV nail polishes is easy and the painting result perfect as from the nail studio. DUPLEX nail polishes are made from plant-based raw materials, are vegan and inspire with their particularly fast drying time of only 60 seconds under UV light. In addition, DUPLEX nail polishes can be painted easily and thinly, last 10 days on natural nails without splintering and can be removed in just 60 seconds with DUPLEX nail polish remover. DUPLEX - simply better varnish.

Note: the colors shown may differ from the original. The reason for this lies in the individual settings of your screen / display. This does not limit your buyer's rights, of course.

Content: 3x 8ml

1x UV NAIL POLISH N° 42 Sunshine 8 ml
1x UV NAIL POLISH N° 29 Sweetheart 8 ml
1x UV NAIL POLISH N° 34 Touch of Powder 8 ml

Step by Step Application: